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Eliseo Silva Wines

red, white and delicious
The Taggares Family’s centuries-old Greek heritage centered around the growing of grapes and feasts, friendships and festivities at the local Taverna (Greek for small, intimate restaurant serving wine and playing music). That connection to the family’s roots in food and wine made it a natural for our new winery to include a taverna.

The Greek taverna has come to describe an informal establishment that offers both a place to talk and drink with friends and an affordable destination for those seeking home cooking away from home. Platters of steaming food, voices raised in spirited conversation, the clink of glasses, these are the sights and sounds of a Mediterranean taverna, a natural gathering place for all who enjoy rustic meals, fine wine and friendship in equally generous portions. The menu specializes in local fare, from small plates ideal for accompanying the estate wines to hearty soups, simmering stews and fragrant grilled meats.

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