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Freshness...From Farm to Table

Beyond being a gathering place for spirited conversation and clinking glasses, Taverna Tagaris looks to bridge the information gap between farmer and consumer. In connecting the dots, we hope to instill in our guests the same appreciation we have for our local purveyors involved at each step in the process of going from farm to table. Our menu features small plates of locally-produced and organic produce and protein, all prepared with signature focus on flavor and quality. We work with our local artisans, farmers, and foragers to serve the best of each season. Bright and intense with summer and spring, rich and heartening in the winter and fall. From farmer to shepherd to chef to server, each had a hand in both preserving and dictating the story each Mediterranean style dish tells.

We have committed to represent our local farmers and purveyors, specifically in our surrounding counties. We purchase produce almost exclusively from a collection of amazing local farmers, all less than 80 miles away from our front door. We source vegetables, beans, fruits, mushrooms, protein, baked goods, and more from the fields, farms, and kitchens of the Pacific Northwest. In this way, we insure supporting the local economy, purchase from farms that use best practices in sustainability, and create a bioregional identity with our Mediterranean cuisine. 

Frequent Local Purveyors

Hanson Farms - Pasco, WA 

Blakelby Farms - Pasco, WA

Pure Country - Ephrata, WA

Middleton Farms - Kholatus, WA 

Aichele Farms - Hermiston, OR

J&M Mushrooms - Selah, WA

Upper Dry Creek Ranch - Weston, OR

TSP Bakery - West Pasco, WA

Richland Market in the Parkway

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