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We Thought You'd Never Ask
I want to host an event at Tagaris. What do I do? 

Please fill out our inquiry form with your event details (date, time, guest count, host contact info, details/comments). After that, we will reach back out to you via email for next steps!

How do I reserve my event? 

After we receive your event inquiry form, we will reach out via email and go over specific details for your event. If you wish to proceed with the booking, we will send you over an event contract that has all the details we have discussed and our event policies. Once we receive a signed contract and event deposit payment, you are fully booked! Again, your reservation is not confirmed until a deposit and a signed contract is received by Tagaris.

What is your deposit policy? 

For corporate and social events, we require a $250 deposit payment. All deposits and down payments will be applied toward final bill at the conclusion of your event. Cancellation with less than two weeks’ notice will result in a charge of 50% of the food and beverage charge, plus tax. Cancellation within 24 hours prior to the event reservation will result in a charge of 100% of the food and beverage charge, plus tax. Cancellation with more than 2 weeks’ notice will result in a refund of your deposit via gift card, less a $100 administrative fee. Requests to reschedule events will be granted at Tagaris management’s discretion.

When is my event bill due?

Final payment for all outstanding charges is due upon the conclusion of the event. We do not accept personal checks. 

Can I become a wine club member prior to the event and receive member pricing on wine?

No wine club member discounts do not apply to any event hosted at Tagaris.

Do you offer audio and visual equipment?

Yes, we do! For an additional charge, we have a variety of A/V equipment to use during your event. Please inquire with the event coordinator on your A/V needs and what equipment is available.

Can I bring in outside beverages? 

We operate as a full-service bar; therefore, we do not let guests or customers bring in any outside beverages. If you have a special request for beer, wine, champagne, or liquor, let us know and we can try and accommodate for your special event. 

Can I bring my own dessert? 

With approval through the events coordinator, you are welcome to bring in outside desserts as long as it is from a licensed and health inspected facility. 

What is the pricing for alcoholic drinks? I don't see it on the catering menu. 

We will match the current pricing offered in our restaurant and bar for the event space. Current beverage pricing can be found on our website. 

Are children allowed in the event space? 

Yes! We do kindly ask that children are monitored at all times. They will not be allowed to roam independently, climb on the rocks, or jump in the fountain.

Are pets allowed in the event space? 

Unfortunately, no. Since we are a full-service restaurant, bar, and winery, we are not able to have pets on site. 

How much does it cost to host a wedding at Tagaris? 

Great question! We create custom packages based on the time of day, day of the week, ceremony and/or reception, guest count, and space(s) requested. This package will include a facility charge, a food and beverage minimum, and any other fees required. Please reach out for package options. 

How many people can your space accommodate? 

Our smallest space can seat 12 guests and our largest space can fit 75 guests seated. We can make any space of our comfortable for you. 

If you would like to bookout the restaurant, meaning we would be closed to the public and the whole facility would be yours for your special day, that would be an additional charge. Please inquire for pricing. 

Do you offer a Day-Of Coordinator?

No. Our event coordinator will go over food and beverage selection, layout, and timeline prior to the event. They will not facilitate decorations, vendors, or budget suggestions. Your event will have a lead server who will execute the instructions left that were discussed between the host and Events Coordinator.

Is wedding rehearsal time included with my reservation? 

No. You are more than welcome to check in with the events coordinator the week prior to your event to see if the space is available for rehearsal. However, there is no guarantee of availability. 

Do you offer menu tastings? 

We do not. Food prepared in an individual serving for a tasting is not prepared the same way as a menu item prepared for a large group of guests. Therefore, it would be a misrepresentation of what you will see and taste at your event. We can, however, give you recommendations based on our experience, and describe the preparation, flavor, texture, and ingredients. 

Are DJ's, bands and other forms of entertainment allowed? 

This varies depending on the event space. Please speak to the events coordinator regarding the appropriate entertainment option for your event. 

Food & Beverage Minimum
What is a food and beverage minimum? 

Simply put, a food and beverage minimum is a specific dollar amount in food and beverage that you, the client, must meet in their selected space. Each event will have a different f&b minimum, dependent on the number of guests, time of day, time of year and event space. 

What do you get for the food and beverage minimum? What is included? 

Technically...nothing. Although this is only a partial truth. Remember, the minimum is the required minimum amount you must spend in food and beverage for the space you've selected. What you get for that cost is ultimately dependent on what you select for your menu and beverage. So while it's technically nothing, you also technically get whatever menu items you select along with great service to match! 

How do I meet the food and beverage minimum? 

Any selection you make for food and beverage go directly towards the food and beverage minimum. It's entirely up to you in terms of what you choose to select. Most of our options are on a per person price. Per person price multiplied by your total number of guests equals your expected costs of food and beverage, prior to tax and service charge. If you would like to request our most recent group dining brochure that goes over food options, please email

Does this include tax and gratuity? 

No. Tax and service charge are not included. The current tax rate is 8.7% and our gratuity rate is 20%.

Why is the food and beverage minimum listed on my contract? 

Food and beverage minimums in your contract are spelled out in terms of dollars to be spent on f&b for your event. You are spending at least that amount of money, regardless of what you order or how many people attend. If you have a f&b minimum of $800, then the final food and beverage costs will be at least $800. It is important to note, too, that the minimum is the base price, exclusive of tax and gratuity. 

What happens if I don't meet the food & beverage minimum? 

If the f&b minimum is not met, there will be a room charge for the different between the bill and the f&b minimum. For example, if your events f&b minimum was $400 and the tab was $360, there will be a room charge of $40 ($400-$360=$40) so that the minimum is met. If you or our staff notices the tab will not meet the minimum, we highly encourage the client to order some wine bottles to go instead of the room charge. 

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