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Food, Wine, Friendship & Fun

Taverna is a Greek word taken from the Latin taberna, or “tavern”.  Originally it was a place where Greek men passed the time drinking wine and talking about daily life.  Gradually its role expanded, until today it has come to describe an informal establishment that offers a place to talk, drink and share a meal with friends.  Taverna fare uses only the best seasonal ingredients, usually just picked, caught or slaughtered.  Fresh seafood is usually showcased on the menu.  An assortment of appetizers  - tapas and meze – is proudly offered and diners are encourage to pick out an array of different varieties to feast.


The Greek Taverna has come to describe an informal establishment that offers both a place to talk and drink with friends and an affordable destination for those seeking home cooking away from home. That is exactly who we strive to be. Platters of delicious rustic food, spirited conversation, clinking of glasses, these are the sights and sounds of a Mediterranean Taverna. The menu specializes in local fare, from small plates ideal for accompanying the estate wines to hearty soups, housemade breads, and fragrant grilled meats.

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