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Together Again
Our Community, Our Responsibility

We are patiently waiting for our community and counties to enter into the next phase of the Washington State's "Safe Start" plan to re-open the economy. As we move into this new season, we are reminded that all of the best things are still the best things; home, family, friendship, and delicious food and wine! 

We appreciate your support during this period, and soon we will get to see you and serve you again in our home. As of today, our county is on Phase 3, but statewide restrictions are allowing certain businesses who pass certain open-air guidelines to open indoors. All tables must be 10 guests or less, and face masks are required until seated. Although we highly encourage you to call to make reservations so we can better plan your experience, we do accept walk ins. Your host will kindly ask you your seating placement preference upon arrival, based on availability. 

In addition to outdoor and indoor dine-in, we are currently offering curbside and pickup options for food, wine, and to-go cocktails as well. Please view our available menu here

What will be done at Tagaris to keep our guests

and our team safe when on Phase 2 and beyond?


We have carefully mapped out our dining charts to ensure that guests will not be seated or encroach on other guests 6' physical distancing recommendation. We will provide indicators that allow over 6 feet of separation while guests are entering the building and waiting to be seated. We highly encourage alfresco dining, or dining on our outdoor grand patio, as the CDC has provided recent evidence suggesting that the risk of infection may be lower outdoors. 


In addition to physical distancing, we will be monitoring the number of guests entering the building and ensuring there is no more than 50% of the building’s capacity entering at one time. At Tagaris, we will also ensure there are no tables larger than 6 guests.


We will adhere to the state of Washington's guidelines for screening employees prior to work. These measures include a daily questionnaire focused on exposure and health as well as infrared temperature checks taken by their direct supervisor upon arrival, prior to clocking in. 


At the start of every shift, employees are required to wash their hands and maintain this practice routinely throughout their shift. Guests have access to soap and water in the restrooms and hand sanitizer in the commons area. 


To minimize exposure, each member of our team will be wearing gloves while greeting, hosting, serving, prepping and cleaning.  We are requiring new gloves to be worn at all times by all staff.


Each team member will wear a mask to protect against the spread of germs.


Our team is committed to deep cleaning our winery and restaurant daily. In addition, we will ensure all high-touch areas such as door handles, railings, tables and chairs are sanitized every hour and in between guest use. We will maintain a daily cleaning log of all locations, who they were cleaned by, and what time they were cleaned. 


We will make every effort to keep payment as contact-less as possible. Guests paying with credit card or cash will place their card on a disinfectant wipe supplied by their designated server and will be returned to them on a disinfectant wipe. 

What additional measures is Tagaris taking to

ensure the health and safety of Tri-Cities? 


To minimize contact, we have made the menu available online and created a single-use menu for guests to use at the restaurant. In addition, our team will hold off placing flatware, glassware, and napkins on the tables until guests are seated. Our team is taking extra precautions to ensure the POS system is cleaned after each use to prevent the spread of germs.

To ensure physical distancing occurs while guests are eating, we are only seating guests in designated spaces. Our team is ready to provide the required spacing between tables to make guests feel as comfortable and safe as possible. We will be releasing our Dine-In Reopening Playbook, once we have a better idea of when we are able to enter into Phase 2. 

How can I best protect myself and others when I come to visit? 

  • Self-screen before going out in public for any of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, loss of taste, feverish or muscle pain. We ask that you refrain from leaving your home if any of these symptoms are present. 

  • Wash and disinfect your hands before interacting with an employee or another guest.

  • Maintain at least 6 feet of separation from other individuals not within the same household. If physical distancing isn’t feasible, please consider using a face covering, hand-washing and using cough/sneeze etiquette.

  • Consider wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth, especially when interacting with an individual within 6 feet. Benton/Franklin county does not require this, but we invite those who have a covering to please wear it while visiting us. 

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