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Menu Spotlight-Wild Idaho Rainbow Trout

You've never had trout like this...

Photo credit: Eder Abogabir


This dish was brought to the menu by team collaboration. Chefs, cooks, servers and office staff all have a hand in this creation! When Chef Josh was asked "Why Trout?", this is what he had to say:

"The Northwest underutilizes one of the greatest fish it produces. The wild Idaho rainbow trout is a PNW stable, especially this time of year. We showcase fresh, in season items that aren't typically on others' menu. That's what puts us apart from the rest."

The Pacific Northwest is perfect for wild rainbow trout. They prefer cold, clear, swift- moving waters, which describes waters in the PNW perfectly! This dish features wild rainbow trout sourced directly from Idaho. It is lightly seasoned with creole spices, pan-fried to create a moist and flakey filet, and paired with the perfect accoutrements.

Topped with stone fruit salsa, sourced from the Richland Farmers Market. This salsa may change weekly, dependent on what Chef Josh can find in season. One week it may be apricot focused, the next may be a mix of nectarines and peaches. Whatever the stone fruit may be, you will taste the juicy, sweet punch of flavor.

The last component of this dish is a saffron-infused risotto cake. These trio of cakes are fried until the perfect golden brown color, to ensure it has a textural balance on the plate. The crispy risotto cake, the moist and flaky fish, topped with a juicy bite of stone fruit salsa.

Order the Wild Idaho Rainbow Trout from our menu, or order a side of the rainbow trout with a salad, flatbread, or any other dish!

Are you drooling yet? Because I am!

-Taverna Taster

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