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How It's Made: Gambas al Ajillo

These shrimp are hot, spicy, decadent, bold, and super delicious, just the thing to satisfy your cravings.


Did you ever notice that certain cultures that are in geographically hotter climates eat spicier food? That is because eating spicy food makes you sweat, and sweating makes you cool down faster. Gustatory facial sweating is when you sweat starting from your face (as apposed to your scalp or armpits) and is triggered by eating spicy food. This ultimately cools your body better and longer than eating cold food. Mind. Blown!

Tips & Tricks

The dish comes together so quickly that you need to make sure you prep all your ingredients. Make sure your shallots, garlic, wine, stock, and of course, shrimp, are all ready to be tossed into the pan, prior to turning on the heat.

Another trick is to use seasonal ingredients or ingredients you have on hand. Our traditional recipe calls for shallots, but instead we used Walla Walla sweets. Since they are in season and at their very best, it will only elevate the recipe! If you want to omit the white wine, just use chicken stock. Again, make this recipe your own and use what is speaking to you.


Without further adieu...

Gambas Al Ajillo

(serves 2)


- Extra Virgin Olive Oil



-Chili Flakes

-Grape Tomatoes


-Tagaris Muscat Canelli (shop here)

-Chicken Stock

-Smoked Paprika (Picante)

-Unsalted Butter

-Lemon Juice



-Green Onion (optional)


1.  Heat your sauté pan over med-high heat.

2. Add olive oil to pan then toss in the shallots and garlic, cook for 1 min then add chili flakes and bloom for 10 seconds

3. Toss in grape tomatoes and shrimp then cook

until it starts to stick on the bottom of the pan

4. De-glaze with your favorite white wine and reduce until almost gone. Momma always said don’t cook with something you wont drink.

5.  Add 2 oz of chicken stock, sprinkle in the smoked paprika and cook for 2 minutes.

6. Take off the heat and swirl the butter in until melted and velvety then season with the salt pepper and lemon juice

7.  Serve garnished with shaved green onions and your favorite crusty bread!

8.   Enjoy the journey to flavortown!

What creations would you like me to make next? Or do you have a Taverna favorite that you have been dying to know how to make at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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