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Menu Spotlight: Paul's Handmade Spaetzle

Sous Chef Paul Westover is a man of few words. He is 6'5", has an intimidating look to him, and listens to the heaviest metal music you can think of. Put him in a chef's coat paired with a PPE face covering and he looks like a certified ninja. If there was a belt above black, I am pretty sure he has it. Little did you know that he is the one creating and sharing some of our most delicate dishes!

You would think Sous Chef Paul would be the wild game and starch dish creator, but he is actually the mastermind behind our dainty and elegant dishes. If you have never had his cheesecake with goat cheese, his handmade crumbly shortbread, or his delicate, pillow-like handmade spaetzle, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

This menu spotlight features Paul's handmade spaetzle that is in our Spanish Pasta dish. We couldn't share the recipe with you all, but I did catch a little video of Paul making his delicacy. I couldn't even imagine what Paul would do to me if I let his secret recipe out...

Our Spanish Pasta has Mediterranean influences with an obvious German twist...spaetzle. Clams, shrimp, fresh Spanish chorizo and German spaetzle are the spotlights in this beautiful harmony of flavors. This is a dish that you never knew you needed...until now!

Please enjoy the video of Sous Chef Paul creating his absolutely incredible handmade spaetzle for our Spanish Pasta dish!

As always, stay out of trouble and thank you for supporting Tagaris!

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